My name is Simon. I am a mixed breed dog who was rescued by my family in 2011 after being abandoned during Hurricane Irene. I have a large yard to run around in that is protected by an invisible fence in addition to a physical fence. I love when we have visitors and especially love to help the folks who come to work around the house. I especially love the Mailman; he gives me treats! Now I’m on death row. For the last 6 years I have lived happily and peacefully with my family which includes four children, two boys and two girls and my brother, Lucky, a Golden Retriever. We used to do everything together. I really like sleeping in the boys beds and being used as a pillow. Now I’m on death row.

In August 2017 a teenage neighbor deliberately cut the fence separating our yard and climbed over to get into my back yard. He came into my yard carrying a lacrosse stick in a threatening manner while I was playing with my friend and dog sitter. He not only scarred me with that big stick he was trespassing in my yard. I felt threatened and felt I had to protect my friend so I chased him out of my yard and bit him on the leg. I never left my yard. Now I’m on death row. I owe my life to my family and like any family member will protect them against those who threaten them or me.

The Animal Control Officer came to take me away, out of my own yard, and put me in Quarantine even though I am well taken care of, registered, and up to date with all my vaccines and have never harmed anyone. I didn’t know my rights and just thought we were going for a fun ride so I happily went. Now I’m on death row. The Animal Control Officer reassured me that I did nothing wrong, that I was no threat to people, I was in my own yard and there was a trespasser. She said there was no reason I shouldn’t be going right home to my family. Now I’m on death row.

The Town of Guilford had a secret meeting in which I, Simon was not represented. This is a violation of the open meeting law. The Town of Guilford then informed me that they want to kill me because a couple neighbors don’t like the way I look or sound. I only wanted to protect my family against a potentially dangerous trespasser.

The Chief of police Jeffrey Hutchinson threatened my family telling my Mom and Dad that they had “better let this go and keep quite” and “they would be wise to not make any trouble”

Really?!?!?! Since when is it a crime to protect my family and property against intruders and trespassers Now I’m on death row.

Please help me!